A recent global study published in the Lancet, a London-based medical journal, suggests that 70% of adult South African women and nearly 40% of men are overweight or obese. Even among children, a quarter of girls and a fifth of boys are at greater risk of ill-health, from diabetes to heart disease. Don’t become a statistic! Take your power back and regain your desired weight and health today. Do not delay! Contact us today for a Health assessment and start your journey to a new you with absolute Weight freedom.

Discover the power of a world-class health and behaviour based nutrition coaching programme, built on a proven method — that works.

PhytoLean is a world-class health and behaviour based nutrition coaching programme and weight loss consultancy service providing online and in-person support. We specialize in holistic lifestyle adjustment, behaviour modifications and integrative nutrition. We provide a natural, sustainable way to weight loss to keep the weight off, while promoting optimal health and well-being. We utilize powerful and proven techniques incorporated into programmes developed by leading professionals in their respective fields.

We support a gentle, kind and loving way to bring your body back into balance through a holistic lifestyle approach. We use the power of whole foods, healing and nourishing plants to promote toxin elimination, restoration of organs and body systems. We use a behavior-based model that emphasizes skill building, daily practice and a progressive series of actions. We help you lose weight in a healthy sustainable way.

As the body moves towards well-being on the wellness continuum weight loss is a natural consequence and by product of health. Once the body regains its vitality and energy we celebrate our body and its optimal functionality/working capacity through movement or exercise. Exercise is not mandatory to participate in this programme. We assist in bringing alignment through the use of integrative nutrition and cutting edge techniques in lifestyle medicine and behavioural modification to bring out the best version of who you can be. Sounds good? Then we are delighted to have you here and we would love to work with you!

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What We Do

One-on-One Weight Loss Consultation

We offer in person and online weight loss and behavior-change nutrition consulting and coaching. Meet with your dedicated weight loss coach online, on the phone, or in person to personalize a plan just for you. Receive personalized feedback, accountability and support along your weight loss journey. We're always here for you on your schedule.

Ongoing Accountability and Support

Talk through challenges, identify winning strategies for you and get the support you need to stay focused on your goal weight. You are the boss and in charge of your transformation. We run workshops on topics providing you with a space to learn, reflect and connect with a like-minded weight loss community. Join our Facebook exclusive VIP members club. We only work with a small amount of members at a time to ensure quality service delivery and the personal touch when it comes to individualized programmes. Spots are limited, so reserve your spot now!

Reach Your Goals & Maintain Tour Weight

Track your progress through advanced assessment methods and surveys and learn the skills you need to succeed. Maintain your weight loss and promote “deep health” holistically.

What Makes Our Programme Different and Unique

No carb counting!
No required medications!
No invasive or painful procedures!
A cost effective and sustainable solution!
Promotes health and well-being!
No exercise required!
No starvation diets!
Eat until satiated!
Feel focused and energetic!
No regain of weight and lasting results with adherence to program!
Gain your health & body back and live weight free!

Stop stress eating from today onwards & regain your health, happiness, confidence and figure. The longer you WAIT, the more you gain the WEIGHT! Act now and schedule a complimentary free discovery session to learn how we can support you to reach your weight loss and wellness goals.

PhytoLean has dedicated itself to helping women who want exercise and nutrition to enhance their life — not control it.

Our PhytoLean Program was designed as the antidote to all of the typical obsessive, restrictive, exhausting diet and exercise programs out there, which are too difficult to sustain for any real length of time.

At PhytoLean we know:

  • It’s possible to eat food you love that leaves you feeling satisfied — and still get results.
  • It’s possible to spend less time in the gym, not feel exhausted when it’s over, still achieve your goals!
  • You don’t always have to do more. You can actually do less and still get incredible results.
  • Women need coaches who understand their unique needs and challenges. A coaching program designed by women, for women, run by women.

That’s why we created the PhytoLean Natural Weight Loss Program supporting Holistic Wellness.

Stop stress eating from today on and regain your life, happiness, confidence and figure! The longer you wait, the more you pile on the weight! Act now as a limited amount of spots are available.

Our Approach

Expert Guidance

Chat with a certified nutritionist to receive expert guidance on a weekly step by step structured and personalized action plan.

Book a video call with a fitness expert, general practitioner, life coach, psychologist, naturopath or Natural Healthcare practitioner from our wellness team. Our structured program is designed to work for you and get you the results you are after.

Keep Connected with a Health App

Allows you to chat with your certified nutritionist and lifestyle behaviour coach. Help to keep you accountable with food dairies and remind you of agreed apon action steps you chose to reach your goals.

This keeps you excited and your accountability partner keeps you going even when the motivation wears off.

Workshops & Support Groups

We present health and wellness workshops on a variety of topics.

Join sessions with your family or with people that share similar goals.

Small groups with no more than 15 participants assure that you will not get lost in the crowd.

Advanced Skincare Nutrition

We focus on a complete transformation to reverse and slow the signs of aging by incorporating the best science and products.

Advanced rejuvenation and anti-aging skincare; beauty and skin health from the inside out.

Stop stress eating from today on and regain your life, happiness, confidence and figure! The longer you wait, the more you pile on the weight! Act now as a limited amount of spots are available.

Learn more about how our programme will benefit you.

This programme was especially designed for busy working moms in need of a sustainable weight loss solution that does not require obsessive, restrictive dieting or exhaustive exercise programmes. We know as a working mom that life is demanding enough, and you do not need any more demands on your plate! Therefore we make it easy for you to stick to the program and to implement small manageable changes along the way to get real results.

14 Reasons why you should join our program

  • We provide you with practical hacks and food prep tricks to prepare nourishing and healthy meals for you and your family on your budget. Promoting health and wellness with every bite, the easy way.
  • Save hours out of your busy week on food planning, shopping and preparation. We won’t burden you with our recipes, shopping lists and meal plans, we promise.
  • We help you explore and address underlying reasons for stress eating, emotional eating, over or undereating. We get to the root cause of your weight gain; we do not simply address the symptom. This way, setting the stage for permanent change and lasting results.
  • We assist in implementing highly effective strategies for dealing with unplanned snacks, binging and cravings. Helping you resist unnecessary temptations!
  • We work with your food preferences, allergies and food sensitivities suggesting healthy alternatives and substitutes with all of the taste and more of the goodness.
  • We implement proven methods and strategies with assessment tools and tracking sheets to get you excited about your progress and stay on top of changes.
  • Explore powerful approaches to deal with having a “sweet tooth” or all the food culprits that’s piling on the weight.
  • We provide Lifestyle health coaching that have proven to be highly effective at weight reduction and improving health. ref
  • Take the headache out of portion control with our powerful templates and straightforward educational tools. We guarantee stress-free eating without ever having to count calories! We love simple and effortless.
  • We help you develop a backup plan and strategy for eating out, parties or social gatherings as not to sabotage your results.
  • No need to punish yourself in a gym chasing the results you are after. It is possible to do less and still achieve your goals! Body balance the painless way.
  • Our programme is natural and supports health and wellbeing. Medically proven and supported by evidence based research our approach to weight loss is proudly one of the top four programs in the world to consider currently for weight loss.
  • Eat until satiated! We are not a deprivation or starvation diet. We believe you should never feel hungry. We do not focus on eating less but eating better.
  • We provide the Accountability and Support for you to achieve incredible results! We are conveniently available online and in our chat application. We are here for you every step of the way!

Stop stress eating from today on and regain your life, happiness, confidence and figure! The longer you wait, the more you pile on the weight! Act now as a limited amount of spots are available.

Rejuvenation Through Beautifying Nourishment From The Inside Out

Women today experience extreme pressure about their looks and appearance. According to the 2016 Dove Global Beauty and confidence Report; 79% of young girls and 85% of women have opt out of important life events because they felt they didn’t look good enough. Furthermore 81% of women feel dissatisfied with their bodies globally. But there is hope.

Imagine how good it will feel to step out unto the beach or into the pool in full confidence wearing your bathing suit. Completely comfortable with a healthy self-image and lots of self-love. How good will it feel to look at yourself in the mirror with complete acceptance, in better health, with glorious skin and a figure that reflects that wellness and wellbeing?

Want help becoming the healthiest, empowered, most lovely, happiest version of you? Ready to steal every glance in the room? Improve your confidence and body image? Gain energy, vitality and feel comfortable in your own skin? Imagine how good it would feel to have confidence wearing your favorite outfit.

It is for this reason that we help busy working women with kids reclaim their beauty and take their lives back by investing in themselves to regain their health, confidence and figures.

When girls and women are empowered and given the skills and tools to transform their world, mindset and bodies, they usually do. Women are dynamite. When taught to develop high body esteem and positive self-image, they are more likely to believe they are beautiful. But even more importantly, they are less likely to feel the pressure to be beautiful because they value themselves outside of the way they look.

In other words, by promoting positive body image and high self-esteem, coupled with nourishing foods and positive lifestyle changes; we have the opportunity for a profound positive effect on the lives of women around the world.

We here at PhytoLean promote self-love through positive body image and mindful eating. We believe in total transformation, body mind and soul to release the best version of YOU. With a holistic approach, we promote body balance and wellbeing in all areas of your life. We make use of beautifying nourishment that rejuvenate and rebuild from the inside out. We promote anti-aging and longevity . We support behaviour modification through change phycology and have mastered nutrition science and behavior-change coaching. We follow a structured, individualized program to personally mentor you to discover effective, proven strategies to deliver sustainable results. This is the industry’s first comprehensive program of its kind—and the only one to incorporate holistic aspects of “deep health” to support all areas of our clients lives on the wellness continuum.

3 Reasons To Choose Our Weight Loss Programme:

The originators of behavior-change nutrition coaching have helped over 100,000 clients since 2005 get healthy, break through mental barriers, take their lives back and get into the best shape of their lives. We are proud to utilize this proven and practical system developed by the creators of the number one recommended nutrition coaching certification in the world by Precision Nutrition. Our approach is Science-backed, evidence based and peer-reviewed. Our coaching method recently validated in 3 peer-reviewed studies (ref ). This means everything you’ll learn is backed by science. We utilize cutting edge research and technology to keep you accountable and provide support.

Hungry for a proven way to slim down without re-arranging your world in one step to do so? We have good news, 94% of customers rated our program better than anything else out there. We are also proud to announce that the program we use was rated number one by customers for satisfaction, reputation, quality, and effectiveness. The highlight of 2021 for us was being nominated as a finalist for the Centre of Excellence 2021 awards, and then consequently awarded the winner.

Bottom line: If you want to learn how to slim naturally from the best in the field, you’ve come to the right place. We are here to help you find your own version of beauty, strength and confidence from the inside out.

Schedule a free 10 min discovery session to discuss a plan to kickstart your weight loss!

Craving Change?

  • Do you have a special holiday planned and need a beach body?
  • Do you wish to lose the weight gained after childbirth?
  • Want to wear your favourite clothes again?
  • Do you want to keep up with your kids without the restraint of the extra burdensome weight you have to carry around?
  • Do you want to fit in that dress size on your special wedding day?
  • Do you want to become pregnant and are interested in fertility nutrition?
  • Does an accident or previous injury make it difficult to exercise?
  • Need to get back into the dating game with a lean figure?
  • Want to live an active healthy lifestyle but your busy life gets in the way?
  • Want the physique back that you had when you were younger?
  • Have you tried everything? But without lasting results?
  • Do you crave change and are willing to do what it takes to get the results you want but are not sure where to start?
  • Have you tried dieting on your own without success?
  • Have all your previous diets failed you?

We help you figure out what your challenges and obstacles are to having the body of your dreams. Then help you to overcome them with proven and effective strategies.

Take the first step on your weight loss and wellness journey and learn more about how we can assist you to obtain the health and weight loss results you crave.

Book a complimentary, absolutely FREE 10 min session with us online to help turn your weight loss vision into reality.

Setting the Stage or Table for 2023

A New Year, A New You

As Hippocrates the father of modern medicine said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Though this statement is controversial, its essence rings true today — eat foods that nourish you both physically and mentally from the inside out. We have over 30 trillion cells in our bodies! These cells continuously die off and need to be replaced by manufactured new cells. Within the next year, 95% of the cells in your body will die and be replaced. Even though some cells and systems take longer, in just 365 days most of your body would have rebuilt itself into something better (or worse), depending on how well you treat it. You guessed right, these new cells are built out of what you consume. For example; the skin is replaced every 30 days. That means what you consume is used to renew and rebuild your skin and changes can be seen in the elasticity and skin appearance after just 30 days! The good news is here at PhytoLean we can renew the skin and fight the effects of aging through nourishing foods and phytochemicals that beautify and rejuvenate the skin in as little as a month.

The foods we eat truly are the building blocks to our body. Like building material, if you use superior quality products you are laying a good foundation for the structural integrity of cells, organs and body systems. If you use inferior quality foods, yet cheap and convenient; the chance is you are going to pay for it sooner or later when your health crumbles. Just like the foundation of a building structure that was built with inferior quality goods. Good nutrition is at the foundation of our health and wellbeing. In essence the saying “you are what you eat” has never been truer. There is no way to sugar coat it. If you eat crap, you will feel crap. You will also function like crap. Just like your car, your body performance is directly linked to what fuel you are placing into your body tank in the form of food. Your mental clarity, your stress levels, your gut functioning, your emotional health, your headaches, the aches in your joints, your skin breakouts, your sleeping patterns, the diseases you are experiencing, your weight and even your fertility is related to what you chose to place into your body to become YOU. Although you might have been unaware that these things are all inter-related, your nutrition reaches every inch of your body, literally. And the good news is when we approach the body from an integrative and functional nutrition point of view/approach you are able to address the body as a whole. This is what is meant with a Holistic approach. We look at all aspects of WHO you are, affecting your life, identify areas of needed support and work out a personalized programme to support you to become the best possible version of who you can be. How is this done, you might wonder? Through a Total transformation giving your body high quality building blocks spoon after spoon. After a year of good nutrition and quality nourishment you would have rebuilt a new you! Most cells, organs and systems will have been replaced with new ones using superior building material! You have literally built and transformed your body into a completely new you! Are you up for a total transformation?

For this reason, our program runs over the course of a year. You can join anytime, and cancel anytime at the end of the month if you chose to do so. But to obtain the real lasting results most are after and to rebuild a completely new you, takes time. To be exact the science shows a minimum of a year. During this time rebuilding new habits, thought patterns, mindsets, incorporating lifestyle changes, one small step at a time also requires time. As change takes time. And we all know that change is hard, and not something that happens overnight. Come to think of it; a year is not long if you consider how long it took to get to this point in your life with your current weight and health status.

We are kickstarting the year 2024 by setting the stage or table for change. We are providing you with an incredible opportunity to take advantage of our 30% discount if you sign up this month for the New Year New You Transformation program. Do not miss out on this incredible opportunity! Spots are limited, so book your spot now. This is the year to transform yourself from the inside out. Join our 2022 weight loss community and success group now. Schedule a chat with one of our consultants in a free 10 min online session, what do you have to lose? That’s right, only unwanted weight.

If you’re ready to work with our world-class Coaches, join our free, no-obligation pre-sale list below to learn more.