Medically proven and supported by Evidence based research our approach to weight loss is proudly one of the top four programs in the world to consider currently for weight loss.

Specialization and Customization

We include different fields of specialization and customize your individualize program to address YOUR health concerns and your weight loss needs and goals.

Areas of special focus/interest and specialization include:

  • Clinical weight loss
  • Eating psychology
  • Behaviour change nutrition
  • Immune boosting nutrition

Other areas we can support you in:

  • Fertility nutrition
  • Optimal brain development and mental performance
  • Child and family nutrition
  • Vegan and vegetarian nutrition
  • Fatigue and sleep management
  • Food allergies and intolerances
  • Hormonal and metabolic issues
  • Lifestyle medicine
  • Gut health restoration
  • Mental health
  • Stress management
  • Advanced skincare and repair nutrition
  • Dietary supplement advice
  • Natural chronic pain management
  • Nutrition for disease and cancer prevention
  • Anti-aging and nutritional therapy for longevity

It is common to see a combination of the above mentioned topics experienced by clients. For example it is common to see a client struggling with weight loss, with bad skin, experiencing a lot of digestive difficulties while also trying to conceive a baby. The person in totality needs to be addressed. As interconnected health issues can exist at the same time, we incorporate all aspects of our clients lives and holistically assess their current health status. For interconnected health issues, a well-structured step by step integrative approach is taken. This means ALL aspects of your life are considered, taken into account, integrated or taken into consideration when developing a personalized programme to reach optimal results. We make use of cutting-edge techniques and to offer you the best possible weight loss experience and solutions.

Remember if you are in need of medical assistance, advice or care; do not hesitate to seek out assistance when needed. We encourage working with general practitioners, specialists, physical therapists or any other health professional that can best support your health needs as a wellness team. Afterall, your wellbeing and optimal care is of uttermost importance to us.

Food with a purpose

The PhytoLean weight loss program

This program was especially developed for clients who need an integrated multi-level approach to holistic weight loss.

In our programme we address multiple mixed needs of our clients. We cater for clients that seek a combination of multiple types of expertise whilst still embracing and celebrating the pleasure of the enjoyment of food.

This structured program contain the following elements:

  1. One-on-One Coaching

    Enhance your results with personal coaching:
    • Online coaching or in person for your convenience.
    • Personal coaching is a proven way to lose 3X more weight than dieting on your own§ so it’s included in your program.
    • Your coach can even help you to create what’s on your plate, incorporating your favourite foods and even help you with finding healthy but tasty substitutes.
    • Our quality nutritional program empowers you to make great food choices. All of the taste plus all of the health benefits!
    • Encourages healthy nutritional habits to eat consistently well.
    • Promotes an Empowered Mindset.
    • Provides guidance on Lifestyle changes
    • Offers accountability and Support.
  2. Mindful eating

    Improve results with Mindful eating:
    • Quit diets and the accompanying food guilt
    • Become aware of what drives your food choices
    • Address emotional eating & stress eating
    • Lose weight and improve your confidence
  3. Plant Power

    We Utilize the incredible power of plants to boost your weight loss to the Max
    • Regulate hormonal levels with Natural formulations and weight loss power foods to jumpstart your weight loss fast.
    • Control cravings and equalize blood sugar levels.
    • Kickstart your metabolism for an optimal and steady burn of energy.
    • Feel energized and focused throughout the day.
    • Bring your body back into balance naturally
  4. Powerful Science

    We optimize weight loss with evidence-based science and a science -backed plan;
    • Medically proven and supported by Evidence based research our approach to weight loss is proudly one of the top four programs in the world to consider currently for weight loss.
    • It focuses on Quality of nutrition
    • Proven to help you lose up to 17 pounds in your first 4 weeks!‡
    • Our weight loss program leverages the science of intermittent fasting.
    • During the first 4 weeks only, the average weight loss in study was 13 lbs. for those who completed the program.
    • Holds demonstrable and proven Weight loss benefits and health benefits
    • And is also Sustainable
  5. Taste the transformation with Foods You will Love

    • Improve your satiation and satisfaction!
    • Help make weight loss easier with great-tasting, hassle-free fat burning foods!
    • Our dedicated team of chefs, culinary experts and nutritionists are always working to develop healthy, great-tasting meals and recipes.
    • Enjoy delicious foods you love while slimming and taking your health back!

The best way to lose weight with support, self-care and figure pampering over lunchtime.

Change with support

Here at PhytoLean we value natural, gentle yet effective approaches to weight loss. We value powerful, whole, natural foods. We are doing things differently, and therein lies the reason for our success. It has been demonstrated that those who work with accountability partners and coaches lose three times more weight than people trying to diet on their own! For this reason our personal consultants play a huge part in our members' weight loss journeys and their successes. Our aim is optimal body balance of all your systems, organs, metabolism, mindset, hormone levels as well as your weight.

We help busy working moms invest in themselves and reclaim their beauty, health and confidence with self-care and figure pampering.

We recognize all the best diet and lifestyle advice in the world is meaningless if the programme does not support behavioural modification leading to the change in your life that you desperately crave. Our programme incorporates psychological principles from the transtheoretical or stages of change model to support you in your transformation process. We do not simply offer advice, meal plans or shopping lists. We offer a comprehensive support programme for change. We know change is messy and involves setbacks and relapses. We recognize that as part of the process. Failure is feedback. Setbacks are opportunities. And we will never ever guilt or shame you for that and neither should you. All we ask is for your commitment and dedication to learn from setbacks, take valuable insights from them (like why the set back occurred and what can be done in the future to prevent it) and keep moving forward!

Our skilled coaches compassion, expertise and support are key factors in the PhytoLean programs unique approach to weight loss success. With a dedicated and knowledgeable online or in-person weight loss coach by your side, someone will always be there for you on the good days to celebrate your successes and on the hard days to support and motivate you to stay on track. Clients using our weight loss program approach (over 100,000 clients to date) have had massive successes in losing weight permanently by incorporating nutrition, exercise, and mindset coaching into their lives.

We believe that an individualized personalized weight loss solution taking in consideration your unique profile, your weight loss goals and health needs is the reason why we have been so successful as a weight loss consultancy. We believe that your program and your habit change should be unique to YOU. You deserve better than the cookie-cutter weight loss programs out there! Everyone is different metabolically, psychologically and circumstantially. Because of this there isn’t a single diet plan that works well for everyone. We customize healthy habits, lifestyle and nutrition specifically to your body, your needs and your goals. Sometimes it’s not always feasible to meet with a consultant in person. This could be due to Covid restrictions, location or a busy schedule. That’s where Phytoleans’s online consulting and supplement/product delivery service comes in. We are dedicated to make your weight loss experience as convenient, flexible yet supportive as possible! So speak to us regarding your specific needs.

So many women have spent years or decades caring for others, losing touch with their own bodies and needs in the process. Our generation have supported the idea that a big part of our purpose as women is to care for other people, even at the expense of our own health. This sacrifice seems noble at first glance but women are starting to understand that self-care isn’t selfish. And besides, when we take the time to prioritize our own wellbeing, we are more effective at taking care of others anyway. We are committed to make it easy for busy working women to squeeze in some time to pamper themselves, investing in themselves with selfcare over lunchtime. What better time to discuss how you can fight acne with food, regain your figure, slow aging or save time preparing healthy tasty meals than over lunchtime?

Our Nationwide lunchtime online consulting initiative give busy women the option to schedule a weight loss session online during their lunch break in the comfort of their home or office without leaving the office! Any products or orders can be conveniently delivered to your door according to your needs. We are also assisting clients globally in slimming down! And we have helped clients worldwide (in over 16 countries) online to lose weight, gain confidence and reclaim the healthy, active lifestyles they want to live. As these sessions are 100% online, private and confidential, you can live ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and still lose weight with our support and motivation. You have the flexibility to complete your lifestyle changes and nutrition habits when you have time, on your own schedule.

Not only will your online weight loss coach help you with your food and lifestyle planning during weight loss, but they can also help with your weight maintenance goals after you've lost the weight through our maintenance program. We also believe in continued support to maintain your ideal weight so we offer special discounted rates for online weight maintenance sessions to demonstrate our commitment to honour your dedication.

Busy yet ready to invest in yourself as a woman and practice self-care and figure pampering though delicious nourishing foods?

Schedule your discovery session with us during your lunchtime now.

Our Different programs

We are all different with different needs. That’s why we need different approaches and individualized programs to meet our clients’ unique needs.

Basic Weight loss program

  • For those who want to slim on their own time and make changes on their own schedule.
  • They want to enhance their weight loss with personal coaching and support.
  • They need the flexibility to meet online, over the phone or in person.
  • They prefer making small changes at a time.
  • They want to be part of a weight loss community and support and accountability group.

Specialized weight loss program

  • Tailored and specialized for your individual weight loss obstacles, your specific underlying health conditions, metabolic syndromes or endocrine dysregulation hampering weight loss in the past.
  • If you have tried everything without success this is the program for you! If you have difficulty losing weight, we will help you identify why. If you have tried every diet under the sun and feel absolutely stuck and do not understand why nothing is working, this program is designed to break through the obstacles and barriers keeping you from getting the results you want.

The advanced accelerated weight loss program

  • Going on a holiday and in desperate need of a beach body?
  • Need to fit into that dress size for your special wedding day or have a formal event where you need to shine?
  • This program is for individuals with specific weight loss or aesthetic goals who need to get results fast.
  • Generally professional athletes with specific performance, recovery or endurance goals with a lot of self discipline fall into this category as well as models who earn a living through their appearance.
  • We discuss the timeline for change and desired results to determine realistic and achievable outcomes.

The accelerated weight loss program is for those who need to lose weight fast. As we want you to keep off the weight, the same weight loss maintenance program is recommended and will be available to participants at the same discounted rate. There is no shame in needing to get those results fast, but let’s maintain those results indefinitely.

Weight loss maintenance program

Make the most of your weight loss journey by keeping the weight off:

  • Maintain your weight once you have reached your weight loss goals.
  • Work with your accountability coach and partner to stay on track and address any hick ups or hang ups along the way.
  • Discounted rates to honour your commitment to keep the weight off.

Book a Free 30min online session now with one of our weight loss specialists to learn what programme is the right fit for your needs.

What changes might be noticed after as little as 10 days:

Our clients are delighted to see changes and report
Clearer skin, less breakouts
Better concentration, clearer thinking, increased mental performance
Better spiritual awareness and connection have been reported
Reduced Sinus issues, allergies or rashes
Reduced abdominal cramps
More energy, better sleeping patterns
Cm loss around the waist area
Leaner more toned muscles even without exercise
Our programme promote fat loss, not water or muscle loss
Feeling less bloated, constipated or sluggish.
Not feeling “heavy or tired” after a meal.
Reduced cravings and unhealthy eating habits after 14 days.
Reduced aches and pains in joints, better mobility

We are constantly hearing from those on the programme at an early stage, how they are noticing not just a weight loss but an improvement in their general health and well-being. They are delighted to share that their doctor has either reduced their medication or they are no longer in need of it. The most common improvements we hear on a daily basis are:

  • Blood pressure and cholesterol in a normal range
  • Reduction or no need for certain medications
  • No longer pre-diabetic or type 2 diabetic
  • Improved sleep
  • Fewer aches and pains
  • Increased energy and fitness levels

Don’t become a statistic! Do not wait, start losing weight!