Can I have the free initial consultation online?
Yes, you are more than welcome to schedule a free no obligation session online. If you prefer to meet in person or are in the local area of Hartebeespoortdam you can arrange to have a face to face, one on one session if that is preferred. Whatever works best and is most convenient.
Will I have regular coaching sessions when I join the program?
Yes, we provide personal weight loss coaching sessions weekly, scheduled online for convenience or in person.
How long will the program last?
This depends on the amount of weight that you need to lose, the support that you will be requiring and the length of time needed to complete the different stages of the programme. That is why our free consultation sessions are so valuable as you will understand the best programme for your individual needs. Time after time those who have done our programmes said it was excellent value!
What results can be expected?
Everyone is unique in their weight loss journey but studies have shown that adherence to the program can lead to a weight loss average of 1.5 pounds to 5 pounds (0.6- 2.2 kg) per week without strenuous exercise. Some have seen up to 14 pounds (6.3kg) a week but slow and gradual weight loss is encouraged during our program as losing weight too fast has its own complications and health implications. We also believe in steady sustainable weight loss and we do not chase results at the cost of your health and mental wellbeing. Underlying hormonal and metabolic factors might influence results and will have to be addressed for optimal weight loss results and benefits. For this reason results may vary.
Will it be easy to maintain my weight?
The last stage of the programme deals with weight maintenance, providing simple guidelines and tools helping you to maintain your weight. Ongoing support is available as needed for your weight maintenance at discounted rates. This is our way of showing our dedication to your commitment.
Is there a discounted rate available for weight maintenance sessions after reaching my ideal weight?
Yes, we are committed to reward you for your commitment and perseverance by providing ongoing support through sessions charged at a fraction of the cost.
What if I fall back into my old ways of eating while on the program?
Do not be discouraged, we are with you every step of the way to encourage, motivate and support you. Any setbacks will bring insight about your eating habits and what other emotional factors might be at play that need to be addressed. As these factors surface, we will tackle them together. So, setbacks might be seen as part of the process for some, and that is normal. We are going to work with your setbacks and triumphs moving you towards your weight loss goals. You will be back on track in no time. All we need is your commitment and trust in the process.
Will this programme be hard to follow?
What makes this programme unique is that we follow a client- centered coaching process where you are in charge of the changes we implement. We identify your goals and implement small changes that you are a 100% confident you can manage and do. This means you will never feel overwhelmed or that our programme is too hard for you. Read more here about our programme and how we set you up for success.
When can I join or cancel?
The course of the program runs over a year. Read here more about why. You can join the programme anytime and cancel by giving us notice at the end of the month.
What is the name of the diet plan your programme follows?
We do not use a diet plan. The average person will try 126 different diets in their lifetime. Often times these “crash diets” promise quick weight loss which is difficult, if not impossible to maintain. Granted these results can be exciting, but it causes an emotionally painful cycle of losing and regaining the weight over and over again. We believe that an individualized personalized weight loss solution taking into consideration your unique profile, your weight loss goals and health needs is the reason why we have been so successful as a weight loss consultancy. We believe that your program and your habit change should be unique to YOU. You deserve better than the cookie-cutter weight loss programs out there! Everyone is different metabolically, psychologically and circumstantially. Because of this there isn’t a single diet plan that works well for everyone. We customize healthy habits, lifestyle and nutrition specifically to your body, your needs and your goals.
Are supplements or products compulsory as part of the programme?
Not at all! Our results are achieved by behaviour, change, nutrition and lifestyle intervention modification. If certain deficiencies are identified we encourage the use of supplements and products to support your health and well-being. Use of products or supplements are not mandatory to follow our programme and are optional. Like always, you are in full control and in the driver seat of the process.
What are the costs?
Everyone is unique and therefore has different weight loss challenges and goals. For this reason we have different programmes to cater for different individual needs. As each of our programmes are tailor-made for you, depending on where you are at in your weight-loss journey, it is best to book a free non-obligatory discovery session to determine which programme is best suited for your needs. Your consultant will accordingly advise you on the financial investment for your programme.
Will your programme accommodate special food requirements, allergies and food sensitivities?
Yes! Our programme is especially designed to accommodate special food requirements, cultural considerations and individual preferences.

Success Stories

After having my three children I neglected my weight. My divorce was my wake-up call to get back to the real me and get back into shape. As I am experiencing Menopause, I found it very difficult to shed the pounds even after very disciplined attempts to lose weight on my own. I joined the specialized weight loss program at my coach's recommendation. I knew my hormones were playing a factor as I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. My coach explained very meticulously that my condition required a different approach and could take a little longer. I was pleasantly surprised that I lost 0.6kg in my first month despite of no exercise! I did reach a plateau but persisted and saw a steady weight loss after that. I also realized that I was also holding onto a lot of negative emotion along with the weight after my divorce. After becoming mindful and addressing these causes the speed of weight loss increased dramatically. I am now a size 32 and used to be a 16

“When I started off on my weight loss journey, I was typing into my Google search bar “weight loss consultant near me”. It was important for me to find some-one that could help me as I have tried quite a lot of things, read all the fad books, tried the fat burners, watched videos online, googled recipes like an OCD hobby but still I was feeling tired, miserable and like a failure. I needed to lose weight fast, but despite my nutritionist background I was not seeing the results in my own life. I felt like a fraud! I knew all the things my textbook said, but for some mysterious reason I was on the brink of diabetes, my skin was not clear, I felt tired, bloated, lethargic and sick. Most of all, I was sick and tired of dieting and trying everything under the sun. The mental load of defeat had chipped away at my determination as well as my self-confidence to achieve my weight loss goals. Through a friend I learned about a program that promised to burn belly fat allowing you to slim down and lose weight without exercise. It sounded too good to be true, even preposterous. But I had to admit slimming down and becoming lean without trying to starve myself or kill myself at the gym in all honesty appealed to me. I went into the experience expecting just another weight loss diet counting the peas on your plate and numbing the mind while counting calories. I was pleasantly surprised to learn this approach did not involve endless meal plans I could not stick to, nor did it involve a diet plan for weight loss! Also no calorie counting!! I unknowingly stumbled across the best way to lose weight! You could imagine my surprise, that this program made use of fat burning foods as the fastest way to lose weight. Foods that regulate your metabolism, improve your health while never feeling starved or lightheaded. To be honest, certain foods I used to binge on were now off limits, but I did not mind the weight loss foods. After two weeks of sticking to the program I saw the first changes and my skin cleared up! My taste buds adjusted and my food preferences changed, just like the coach said it would! I needed less sleep and I felt strangely less toxic. I hate exercise due to an old knee and ligament injury. That combined with excess weight made exercise well, a painful exercise so to speak. I was delighted to see a steady weight loss occurring and I was sold. I no longer have issues with my high blood pressure and have reduced my insulin resistance medication working with my physician. I have been on this program for 6 years now and even though I don’t need to see my coach anymore, I like to touch base and let her know how I am doing monthly with an online session. We addressed emotional issues linked to eating now that pops up for me on certain occasions. Especially during social events where it’s expected to eat certain foods or have drinks. It's then that I schedule a weight maintenance follow up session that is dirt cheap. I will continue with this program because when I see my weight increasing after an exam, holiday or stressful time at work, I can call my coach and she gets me right on track. I am the type of person that needs this type of motivation. Thank you for the life changing results guys!”

As a 70 old year male I joined the program with my main focus to lose the centimetres around my waist. Strangely enough my other symptoms started to ease too. My digestive issues improved and my Diverticulosis symptoms disappeared! I completed blood work for a health check up with my GP and he kept asking what I was doing as my cholesterol and blood pressure was normal and very impressive for my age. I explained to him what I was doing and he was taking notes! I would suggest this program as a health investment for anyone over the age of 65years. My wife has since adopted this regimen too and has seen improvements with Lupus. Two of our children and our grandchildren have also embraced it for the health benefits.

I wanted to shed the weight after my pregnancy but seemed to be unable to do so. I also suffered from postpartum depression that made me very emotional and I felt defeated. As a new mom I also did not have the time I used to have to invest in myself and my own wellbeing. I struggled therefore with motivation, commitment and needed a weight loss coach to help me through the process to regain my prior weight. I was pleasantly surprised that our sessions supported my mental wellbeing the way it did. I started talking about my relationship with food, my prior trauma and how that related to my eating disorder as a young girl. I struggled with a lot of guilt because I wanted to give my baby the best nutrition while slimming down at the same time. Joining the PhytoLean program was the best investment I made for myself. Even though it took time I eventually regained my pre-pregnancy weight while providing good nutrition for my nursing baby. It has made a world of difference in how I feel about myself. It has also helped me to understand things in my past and how to better cope with my emotional load. The support of my coach has been invaluable. I would recommend this program to anyone.

Despite cutting out junk food, living a more active lifestyle and not overeating, by 2011 my weight had increased to 108kg. In three months, I lost 10kg. Despite my efforts to diet and exercise my diabetic markers was getting worse. I became desperate after developing cataracts and joined. Since starting the program I have now lost a further 17kg without needing a ridiculously restrictive diet or exercise program, and it has changed the way I approach food for good. I have reversed my diabetes with blood parameter than have remained normal for 3 years. There have been some ‘side effects,’ I sleep better than I have ever slept, feel more energetic than I did 15 years ago and I have not had my recurrent episodes of back pain twice a year. Even more amazingly, two thick patches of ugly lichen planus around my ankles, which I had from the age of 10, have completely vanished and my nocturnal acid reflux has not recurred in 3 years! My total cholesterol level is 3.8mmol/l year on year and all my other lipid parameters are normal. Above all, I feel full after I eat, rather than constantly hungry when I was trying to diet.
- Rajiv

What a journey! All I can say is that I have experienced this program as very different from what I have tried in the past. But again, I always gained the weight back in my prior attempts. I have been on the program for three months so far and I have seen the improvements in my lifestyle, mentality, food choices and spirituality. The weight loss is actually now a bonus! Thank God for the work you are doing and may he continue to bless everyone with health participating in your program.

I used the Phytolean program to lose weight before my honeymoon. I was able to wear my bikini on the Beach of Mauritius.

From being 76kg at 40 years old, I am now 62kg, losing the in weight with very little effort. I no longer have high blood pressure or cholesterol, confirmed at all my subsequent check-ups with my GP. I am sure this would not be the case had I not followed this way of eating. I must add, I’m still trying to convince my mum, dad, brother and friends to do the same.